About Me

Welcome to Buggy Designs!

It all started innocently enough the summer of 2004. My girlfriends and I were living the dream at Windridge Tennis Camp. Craftsbury Common was a place where time stood still – boys wore alligators, girls wore pink Lilly’s, we all wore braces, tennis was played on old clay, and we romantically lived in cabins without electricity. Tennis was supposed to be the reason we were there, but night time fashions and socializing were equally as important! We had trunks filled with sun dresses, but none of us had casual and comfortable clothing that reflected our preppy leanings.

Upon returning home, I mentioned my fashion dilemma to my grandmother (secretly hoping she would take me on a shopping trip) and she suggested I learn to sew. I poorly but enthusiastically produced my first collection of shirts myself using ribbons and pompoms bought at a nearby store. It soon became apparent I was onto something as my friends loved my shirts, but not my sewing skills. Luck intervened on a soccer field in Concord, MA. A local dad heard through the grapevine that I was making shirts and looking for a seamstress. After we met, Mr Katz offered to produce my shirts in his Lowell, MA factory. Things snowballed from there and Buggy Designs was officially born. We continue to offer our timeless, original clothing designs available for infants through adults. After all these years, my heart still pitter-patters for whales, crocodiles, pompoms and colorful stripes. I’m dreaming of new designs and a new collection in the coming year. Stay tuned!

Buggy Designs has evolved to include an online boutique specializing in personalized accessories and bags, home décor, custom stationery, preppy clothing, and custom Palm Beach Sandals. Make sure to check out our Create Your Own design tool which allows you to design your custom product in real time!  We partner with amazing companies who make every effort to manufacture their products in the good ole’ USA. With our recent introduction of customized gifts for men, we are happy to see stylish guys entering the Buggy Designs fray.

Get to know me a bit more on The Buggy Blog where I regularly share insights on travel, fashion, and entertaining. I would love to hear from you!

We hope that Buggy Designs will become your go to place for all things monogrammed. Thank you for stopping by!