Game Changer Gym Bag… on SALE!

Don’t take your foot off the pedal just because we are approaching February! We keep kicking those New Year Resolutions in the butt, and hope you are too! Here’s a reward for you loyal followers -we are having a January sale on our ever popular Quilted Gym Bag! These babies rarely EVER go on sale. Take 20% off and no code necessary! How easy is that? Shop our Monogram Gym Bag here.


It’s no surprise that Real Simple and O Magazine name this Gym bag as one of their favorites. As my roomate, bestie and gym partner-in-crime Allie says, “this gym bag is a total game changer…just the pockets!!!”

Tons of pockets for sneakers, spinning shoes, clothes, computer and more.


Allies’ bag is the Monogram Navy Quilted Gym Bag with Shiny Tonal Thread & Copperplate Square Monogram Font. Al’s also rockin’ the XOXO Buggy Designs Hot Pink Fur Pompom Hat (also on sale!). If you ask me, either of these babies would make the perfect Valentine’s gift!

This monogrammed quilted bag can perform double and triple duty – makes a great diaper bag and also a stylish carryon travel bag! Love the removable pouchette for extra important documents. The nylon texture of the interior pockets make for easy cleanup should your water bottle or shampoo accidentally spill. All in all, I would be lost without this bag and have to admit I have one in navy and one in black!