Thanksgiving at Home

Our house is currently all a buzz getting ready for Thanksgiving! Grocery lists have been made and mostly checked off, a mile high of pie crusts are waiting to be rolled out, wood is all stacked and both my brothers are back home! Indeed the start to the most wonderful time of the year!
Initially, I had planned on sharing a few DIY/Thanksgiving entertaining ideas throughout November on the Buggy Blog, but as it happens I have been quite the busy bee with trunk shows and placing all your Buggy Designs holiday orders PLUS we are getting ready to roll out our own line of Cashmere and Fur Pompom hats (and an affordable wool blend fur pompom hat too!)… and did I mention our new Buggy Designs line of tech accessories?! Buggy Designs is certainly growing!
I promise I will share some fun entertaining ideas after Thanksgiving for you to try out for Christmas. In the meantime, to help get in the holiday spirit, I am sharing a few snaps from last years Thanksgiving!
Last year was my first year home for Thanksgiving after about 3 years. As sad as it was to miss one of my favorite family holidays, it was such a fun experience to celebrate an American Holiday in a different country. The last two years abroad at St Andrews I hosted Thanksgiving with a few close girlfriends for about 30 of our closest friends. While I have always helped mom with the cooking and setting up, it wasn’t until I had to do it all on my own did I gain the confidence to really entertain! This meant when I got home last year, I was ready to take on more responsibility with Thanksgiving preparations. Mostly, I focused on table decorations!
My Mama at the helm! The most amazing entertainer and chef extraordinare. She makes cooking a Thanksgiving meal for 30 people plus baking 10 different pies (all in one day) look like a breeze.
My Grandmother’s famous Chestnut Soup. No joke, we talk about this soup all year it’s that good. When my Grandmother adds the final touch of Courvoisier flamed, all 30 of us line up to grab our helpings before the ginormous pot quickly disappears.
So much love for my 77 year old Yiayia. She runs circles around all of us!
My contribution in the drink Department was a DIY Wine and Champagne Ice Cooler. Instead of using Fairy Roses and Peonies as shown in the tutorial, cranberries, evergreen and small crab apple branches, sure signs of the holidays were substituted! For the DIY Ice Cooler, I tend to use whatever is in our yard and at the ready. Currently Bittersweet is plentiful and would also look beautiful!
Oysters, tuna tartare and baked brie are a few of my favorite apps always served at our Thanksgiving tuna-tartare-baked-brie-thanksgiving
The Evarts girls and Jack surprised us and stopped by after their walk through the woods. In Concord, you can pretty much find a way to anyone’s house without having to use a road! It is a rare and special occasion when all the Springs, Evarts and V-F’s are all together. We obviously had to celebrate with lots of drinks and food!
Mama, grandmother, me and my aunt!
A really easy and cheap way to illuminate the table is to use glass vases and fill with water. Submerge pears, apples, cranberries, bittersweet, evergreens or whatever you have handy into the water and top with floating candles. For example, above photo I used cranberries and bittersweet from the garden.
Another minimalist way to illuminate the table would be by using a peel and stick wallpaper. A piece of the wallpaper can be cut out and stuck on the table in a design of your choice. This can be done if you feel like the piece of furniture need some revamping. It would a cool move to try.
^ One of my besties, Kat!
Another fun way to illuminate a room is to cut a huge tree branch, place in large vase, and string twinky lights throughout! Last year I cut a large crab apple branch. This year the deer must have eaten lots of the little apples off the branches so I decided to use one of our pink flowering trees! I cut the branches this afternoon and am forcing a bud on the branches…. not sure if they will open up in time for Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed!
Monogram Candles from Buggy Designs, decorated with cranberries and bittersweet.
After a big round of “What we are Thankful for” and the most incredible Thanksgiving dinner, we head out into Estabrook Woods for moon lit walk. An hour later we come home rosy cheeked and ready for dessert!
Sweater off, feet up! Zoe suffering major food coma!
I plan on taking more photos this Thanksgiving and will be sure to share a few photos on the blog! I hope you all have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!
Gobble Gobble!