PG Hydrangeas Autumnal Flower Arranging

Hydrangeas are a 4 season wonder, particularly in New England where our seasons are short. It’s not enough for a tree to show off for a few weeks to garner space in most gardens here, no siree! We New Englanders live by the old adage , “what have you done for me lately?”  Particularly when space is an issue, each plant, tree and shrub has to be valuable not only for their brief flowering spectacle but for their ability to be of visual interest the other 3 seasons. Spring time PG’s are leafy green and quiet as the garden shows off tulips, iris and peonies. Something magical happens around the third week of July. Just as the garden begins to fade, PG hydrangeas anchor the garden with a huge shout out of white flowers. These babies will bloom from the end of July turning beautiful hues of pink in September, followed by coppers and brown right up to Thanksgiving.
If you are lucky enough to have a bit of a yard or a really, really large pot, for my money, hydrangeas, in particular the PG variety (hydrangea paniculata grandiflora, aka PeeGee), is the grandest dame of them all and worthy of your attention.
This time of year PG hydrangeas are available on sale in most garden centers for the cost of what you pay for a fresh brunch at your local florist or street vendor. Now is the perfect time to buy PG hydrangeas.
PG hydrangeas Fall Flower Arranging
PG hydrangeas Fall Flower Arranging
 Each week of hydrangea season brings unexpected colors. For that reason, no two flowering bunches of hydrangeas are ever alike. This week might possibly be my favorite. The actual flowers of the PG hydrangeas are in full bloom and are at full size. Truly magnificent.
crab apple tree New England
 Mother nature is extraordinarily kind offering up crab apples and PG hydrangeas at the same time making flower arranging of hydrangeas an easy task.
Flower arranging basics 101: Whichever plant(s) are going to be the backbone of your arrangement, put them in first. When flower arranging on a budget, cut tree branches, twigs and grasses for filler.
PG hydrangeas Fall Flower Arranging
 For the front entrance, I added birch wood to the hydrangea, crab apple mix.
PG hydrangeas Fall Flower Arranging
PG hydrangeas Fall Flower Arranging
 Voila! An impressive hydrangea flower arrangement that’s easy breezy — if I can do this, I promise you can too!
What’s your favorite fall flower arrangement? Send me pics!


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