Harry’s Somerset Birthday Weekend

Last you heard of Harry’s Somerset birthday weekend, we were buying Cider at Wilkins in Mudgley. Our next destination was to find the best strawberries Somerset had to offer. As everyone requested a repeat of strawberries and cream a la H’s birthday party 2013, the pressure was on! If you have ever experienced a British summer, you know how seriously the Brits are about strawberries and cream.
We decided why mess with something that aint broke so headed back to Wells Road in Draycott to our favorite strawberry stand. The farmer proudly handed us strawberries to taste and they were exquisite — beautiful, fragrant and sweeter than candy. We stocked up with 26 punnets of strawberries, well actually 27 punnets, as we bought an additional pint for the drive home!
 It’s so refreshing being in countryside England where farmers practice responsible farming techniques not as the exception but as the rule. Eating strawberries out of hand with no fear of pesticides having been sprayed is a real privilege.
 Cheddar Valley is not only home to some of England’s finest strawberries, Cheddar is also the home of Cheddar Cheese!
A few more provisions were picked up along the way, friends were corralled at the train, and the countdown to party time began.
 Birthday boy testing the tunes in the barn.

So this is basically where my night as a photographer officially ended. I completely took the night off and truly partied the night away, so happy to be back with all my St Andrews friends.
As luck would have it, Harry’s sister Rose from The Londoner chronicled the whole evening! She perfectly captured the essence of the evening, debauchery and all!

 Harry and Lukeyboy!
We played all sorts of drinking games at dinner. Ibble Dibble is my favorite mainly because I like giving dibble dibbles!
 The next morning was kinder to some than others!
After a big English Breakfast, some of us headed down to the river for a swim.
 Croquet was played quietly.
 Custard smooching away with Olga.

Sunday afternoon we said goodbye to all 45 guests with promises to reconvene in London the following week.

Sunday night we went with H’s lovely parents for dinner at our favorite restaurant in Somerset, The Chapel in Bruton. We told some tales from the night before and laughed a lot.

The Chapel restaurant is located in a restored medieval Chapel and features a wood burning oven, local fresh produce, a bakery and some pretty cool works of art lent by a local collector. If you are thinking of staying over in Somerset, The Chapel offers 8 boutique style rooms. 
All in all this was one heck of a weekend I will not soon forget! Happy belated, H!

P.S. If you would like to see some great shots from the party, checkout Rose’s post here!


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    How funny you mention The Chapel!! When my parents were down visiting Somerset ( house hunting , we’re moving from EdinB ) they enjoyed a delicious supper at Bruton , at The Chapel.

    Enjoyed it for the food as also for the surrounds.

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