4th of July Lobster Rolls

With lobster currently on sale in New England and feelings of patriotism running high, I decided to make my New England Lobster Roll Recipe last night to kick off 4th of July celebrations!
If you haven’t made these unbelievably delicious lobster rolls, now is the perfect time to do it! Nothing quite like a good ole’ New England lobstah roll to scream summer, right? Find my recipe here. 4th of July is all about cooking good food and spending time with family members to celebrate America’s history. Many people will decorate their homes for this, ensuring that they look as patriotic as possible. This could include flying some American flags in the front yard. A lot of homeowners do this and it’s a great idea. Some people will need to look for steel flagpoles for sale and then they will be able to fly these flags proudly.

Did you know 4th of July is the biggest beer drinking day of the year!? Yup you heard it, 4th of July beats out St. Patty’s Day, Memorial Day and New Year’s Eve! We treated ourselves to Whale’s Tale Pale Ale from Cisco Brewery.
Happy Independence Day!!!
Looking for Patriotic Entertaining Sets? I have found a few favorites from Pottery Barn — we have been using our red, white and blue, stars and stripes from PB for years. Of course, there is always newspaper too!

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