NYC: Jack’s Wife Freda

The abundance of amazing restaurants in NYC certainly can have a food obsessed girl feeling very giddy. When visiting NY I am always trying to catch up with as many friends as possible, which means plenty of breakfast, lunch, drink and dinner dates – a perfect excuse to visit old haunts and of course, try new ones.
Allie and I had few errands to run in Soho, which worked out perfectly as we both were keen to try Jack’s Wife Freda, given the great reviews from our friends.
Before leaving Al’s apartment, I snapped a few photos of her outfit. Loved how she styled her Monogrammed Clutch from Buggy Designs with cowboy boots, a chunky turtleneck and a schoolboy Blazer.

After a walk through the snowy streets of uptown and a quick subway downtown, we arrived at Jack’s Wife Freda, hungry and excited to see if the hubbub matched the reality! JWF is a bright and spiffy looking cafe where the friendly staff warmly greeted us (even though the place was packed) and ushered us to the bar while we waited for a table and other friends to join. We decided to use our wait time wisely and make it as fun as possible. Yup- we ordered two, extra spicy bloody’s. It was Friday afternoon, after all.

Out of the office and feeling quite decadent. Why can’t all Fridays be like this?

We all shared a Matzo Ball Soup and ordered Kebab and Salads. 

I went for the grilled eggplant, mozzarella, tomato and pesto baguette. After passing my sandwich around, I could sense some major food envy. Definitely the best dish we had.

If you aren’t afraid to wait for your table and sit side by side in close quarters, then I would definitely recommend paying Jack’s Wife Freda a visit. I would best describe JWF as, Mediterranean-Israeli cuisine meets American comfort food.  Jack’s Wife Freda is affordable by NYC standards, has a fun whimsical atmosphere and is worth a visit if you are in the Soho area. We may have each taken a few sugar packets home…
You can find them here: 224 Lafayette Street


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