Rainy Day Barbours, Bean Boots & Monogram Mugs

The past few weeks we have been updating our website. Brand spankin’ new formatting, new pictures, expanded categories and some new products to boot. 

Yesterday we set out to photograph one of my all time favorite products, our BG Travel Mugs. I must confess for years I carried Starbucks travel mugs and dutifully stood in line for my latte along with others all carrying the same mug with the Starbucks logo. Well times they have changed – I now have an assortment of our travel mugs which make me infinitely happier.  I have unintentionally converted many weary souls in search of a caffeine fix to our personalized mugs (mug personnalisé). I hope they are smiling too. 
Rainy days in New England are somehow appropriate and welcome this time of year. I am not talking about rain that lasts for days, just one rainy day will do.
From out of a still unpacked suitcase from St Andrews filled with winter gear, emerged my uniform from school, my trusted Bedale Barbour (similar) and Bean Boots. Though my mother has never officially given me these two relics from her past, I like to think I have officially inherited them. My L.L bean boots are circa 1977 and have been resoled twice, still with original lacings. I am sure if those boots could talk, they would have some great stories to tell. The jacket is from the year I was born (sort of like a birthday present, right?) and is in dire need of a rewax, but for some reason I so love its weathered look and musty smell that I can’t bring myself to recondition Mr Bedale quite yet. 
If your Barbour Coat is in need of reproofing, you can purchase Wax-Thornproof Dressing directly from Barbour and do it yourself or you can send your Barbour if you are stateside here.
Under my Barbour I am wearing Pink Oxford Shirt & Navajo Print Sweater (similar here and here) both from Ralph Lauren.
My dogs always seem to find trouble in the woods. Zoe was attacked by burrs within five minutes of being outside. She didn’t seem to mind one bit as her chasing of birds and animals did not subside. 
After photographing our Monogrammed Mugs I collected some of nature’s finest bounty for a future blog post.

Sneak Peak of end result from loot found in the woods…blog post to come!

P.S. For the next week we are offering 15% off all Monogram Travel Mugs! Please head on over to our website & check out lots of fun patterns!


  1. Anonymous says

    Just wanted to say, I adore that the travel mugs come in those plaids. I love brights and such…but some days I just want a good plaid. I am thinking about picking up a red or blue as soon as there’s enough room in my med school budget for it!

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