Charm Bracelets

When I was younger every year come Christmas, I had a tiny box beautifully wrapped waiting for me in the toe of my stocking. Inside the little box was a special charm that my mother had chosen for me.
I absolutely love wearing jewellery, and bracelets are among some of my favorite pieces. There is something so special about heading out to visit Jacobs The Jeweller and other jewellers to pick out an exciting new piece of jewellery.
As for my charms though, I have a piano from my (failed) piano lesson days, a horse from my riding days, an Eiffel Tower from my first visit to Paris, a Minute Man for my hometown Concord, an easel for my love of art and painting and of course a soccer ball and tennis racquet!
As sweet as this may sound, my mother has neglected her duties and my Christmas stocking has been charmless for several years! Are you listening to this mother dearest?!
This past Spring I was browsing through Liberty in London and came across Annina Vogel charm bracelets. I was reminded of my own bracelet and decided I (or mom!) really need to get back in the saddle and start collecting new charms.
Can there really be anything better than preserving a memory in something gold and sparkly?

Though I’m not currently wearing my charm bracelet from childhood, I am loving this single charm bracelet with my initials. You can find this on our site here. The necklace version is also gorgeous!

Do you have any tips for updating a charm collection??


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