Abby’s Poolside Visit

My girlfriend Abby stopped by for a way too short visit en route to Seal Harbor. Abby and I were comrades at Buggy Designs two summers ago. We worked round the clock for three months during College summer break – trunk shows, inventory, model extraordinare, website development, you name it, Abby did it all! To this day Abby remains our biggest cheerleader and you can always find her rocking BD. If only she wouldn’t lose her phone cases…
Within 5 minutes of our visit, Abby had to see our latest products. She instantly fell in love with our QB handbag collection and ran away with this Straw Woven Bag with Gold Scallop Shell.  FYI the scallop shells are still individually hand plated by artisans in Rhode Island – at this point almost a lost art! 
Her beautiful Coral scarf/sarong was picked up while visiting Corsica a month back. We both agree coral & seahorses need to be incorporated in our next line of clothing.
Scallop Shell Straw handbag with ribbon
We caught up poolside with refreshments that I brought out on my Personalized Boatman Geller Pink and Green Tray. I thought it was only fitting to serve Greek Cherry Juice with Seltzer water and lime on the Greek Key Custom Lucite Tray
I am wearing a Buggy Designs watch with double wrap ribbon band that you will see on our website in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

I had this Pitcher customized for my pseudo Brewmaster older brother, Pete. 

What did you get up to this weekend? I would love to hear it!!


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