St Andrews Farmers Market

Held on the first Saturday of every month,  the Fife Farmers Market makes its way into St Andrews from morning till early afternoon. Around 30 stalls are filled with produce, meat & fish, confectionery, crafts, jams, beverages and other specialty products.
I never leave without having the dark hot chocolate with cayenne pepper, Scottish Tablet, and fish smokies.

The Sticky Toffee Pudding Fudge was to die for as well as the Chocolate Honeycomb Fudge made with rich dark chocolate and small chunks of honeycomb.

 A cold, crisp and sunny day made everything better.

Another favorite stall, St Andrews Brewing Company. I sampled a nutty and golden Crail Ale, named after a nearby village, but next time I will splurge on a few other brews.

Made from a fifth generation fish smoker, the Arbroath Smokies are made over a hardwood log fire, in a halved whisky barrel. Deliciously smokey, super healthy & ever so traditional.

Definitely worth a stop!
Next St. Andrews Farmers Market will be held on March 2
Argyle St Car Park,
St Andrews KY16 9BX


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    Jesus H Christ. I am beyond annoyed. When I was a St Andrean, you knew it was market day because there was a horrendous smell wafting from near the tennis courts. How things have changed!

    Had I been a little younger, I could have served my 4 years of hard labour without having to aimlessly roam the barren aisles of Tesco Market Street looking for something, anything remotely edible. I essentially lived on coffee and Janetta’s in that town…whilst I froze to death.

    I noticed you’re a Bostonian – do you ever make it out to ACK? If you’re familiar, a Black Eyed Susan’s on South Street would make a killing.

    Looking forward to reading more posts (I always loved St Andrews at that time of year when you return after the Easter break and there was DAYLIGHT!)


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    Thank you for your post! You have made me appreciate just how far St Andrews has come. I have become spoiled with Farmers Markets in America and feel lucky to find any semblance of home while at St Andrews.
    Next time I’m on ACK I will definitely check out Black Eyed Susan’s!
    I will post some photos of St Andrews as the days get longer.
    Thanks for visiting. X

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