Second Generation Bean Boots

I have had a long term love affair with Bean Boots and vow to never cheat on my trusted winter buddies.  Some girls might be super excited to “inherit great jewelry from their moms” (well, that’s a conversation for another post!). Me, I’m over the moon with 2 pair of circa 1977 Bean Boots; the classic  8″ Made in Maine boots and a pair of mocs.

Back in the ‘ole days it was a right of passage for young New England prepsters with newly minted drivers licenses to road trip to Maine for the sole purpose of buying Bean Boots. The cool quotient went up if you arrived after midnight as LL Bean was one of the only stores in the country open 24 hours a day. Having a relative or friend at Colby, Bates or Bowdoin meant the party continued and relieved parents didn’t have to worry their youngsters were driving back home in the middle of the night. Bean boots, a navy chamois shirt, scotch plaid flannel and a navy Norwegian sweater were the other essentials purchased on my mom’s first road trip.  She still has them all!

Buggy Valhouli-Farb

I will continue to wear my Mom’s Bean Boots with pride. They are vintage, they are well worn by the passage of time and just about ready for a third resole. They have travelled the world but I sense they are happiest when back in New England trudging through snow and mud and being followed by my dogs. I raise a glass to you Mr. Leon Leonwood Bean!  The Brits may have their Wellies but you are our National Boot Treasure!

Sweater: Ralph Lauren Cashmere Cable (Similar)
Vest: Prada (old)
Pants: Zara
Boots: Bean Boots


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    hello! came to your blog on recommendations from rose (the londoner) fell in love with your blog already ๐Ÿ™‚ …and the boots.

    your new follower Erika ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Hi Erika! Thank you for making your way over from Rose’s blog. I am so glad you like it! A big thanks for welcoming me into the blogging world!

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      Hi Alexandra!
      I totally agree, I so cherish items that are passed down to me that have withstood the test of time. In my two recent posts, I’m wearing my grandmothers vintage jackets!
      Thank you for following!xx

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