Buggy Trunk Show

I am often asked what exactly is a Trunk Show?
At Buggy Designs a Trunk Show is a party of sorts where you get to meet customers, sell products, and in our case nibble away at yummy treats and drink something festive and pink while catching up with friends!

We have TS’s everywhere and anywhere; our house, your house, polo matches, retail stores, college campuses…you name it!
At Buggy Designs we all look forward to Trunk Shows. I particularly like that I have a chance to spend time with customers, see what products they love & find out what products they are looking for. An added bonus is that I get to fall in love with our clothing and accessories twice over as each new customer oohs and aahs. 
Life seems a little less virtual.

I am wearing a Palm Beach Buggy Designs Shirt, Missoni Skirt, and Palm Beach Cork Wedge Sandals.

Personalized Candles and Personalized Glassware at www.buggydesigns.com

Link to Monogrammed Candle, Monogram Old Fashioned Glasses, Monogram Cocktail Martini Glasses

Buggy Designs Trunk Show

You will almost certainly see a Pink Drink at any one of our shows.
BD Morning Pink Drink:
1 Bottle of Pellegrino 
1 Bottle of Italian Blood Orange Juice
2 cups Pink Grapefruit Juice
2 cups of Cranberrry Juice
Juice of 4 Limes
3 dashes of Bitters
1 Orange Sliced for Decoration
2 Limes Sliced for decoration
(For Night Time we added Absolut Vodka & Proseco)

Homemade Breakfast Scones

We teamed up with Lucy from Stella & Dot where she displayed her collection of Jewelry. I came away with a nice little treasure of a necklace which I am sure you will be seeing around here soon!

Our brave customers were not thwarted by the below freezing temperatures outside and still ordered sandals.

 Monogram Necklaces

Bags Galore!

Our New Collection of Personalized Straw Bags, Clutches and Totes. We are still adding bags daily online. I just adore them.

Personalized Sticky Note Cubes amongst the copious amounts of stationery. Create Your Own Designs here

The Personalized Pitcher does indeed say “Pete’s Pimpin’ Ale” – my older brother is very into home brews so thought it was a perfect gift for him.
Our Friend and Customer Katie B. Stopped by with her 
In Espadrille Bright

Our trusted mascot Zoe guarded the loot!

Personalized Cosmetic Bag/Gadget Cases & Personalized Kindle Case
Personalized Soaps with Monogrammed Towel

My latest obsession. I am not kidding when I say this… I bought this case as a sample sans iPad and loved the case so much that I am now the proud owner of a new iPad! I brought my case with me to the Apple store and sold three cases on the spot. I was so surprised but really excited!

Monogram Ipad Leather Swivel Case

Sadly Mr Postman was unable to deliver some of our new products in time for the trunk show, so stay tuned for more pictures and new products online.

Find these Products in Drinkware. Think Pink, Live Green.

We hope to see you in your neighborhood soon!


    • says

      We missed you Abby! Trunks Shows just aren’t the same without you. We had it down to a T when we did them together! Gail will love the new bags.

    • says

      Thank you Jane And Greg for the kind words. Our customers have fallen in love with Boatman Geller! Stay tuned for a new blog post featuring BG tomorrow. Working on it right now!

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