Cocktail Hour: Pineapple Infused Vodka Martini

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For those of you who have been patiently waiting for the moment your pineapple and vodka infusion is quaffable and perfectly macerated-ding,ding, ding-Happy Hour is NOW! Here’s the kicker. The hardest part of making a Pineapple Infused Vodka Martini is cutting the pineapple and having the patience to wait 10 days before drinking. The only… 

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Game Changer Gym Bag… on SALE!

Don’t take your foot off the pedal just because we are approaching February! We keep kicking those New Year Resolutions in the butt, and hope you are too! Here’s a reward for you loyal followers -we are having a January sale on our ever popular Quilted Gym Bag! These babies rarely EVER go on sale. Take 20% off and no code necessary! How easy is that? Shop our Monogram Gym Bag here.


It’s no surprise that Real Simple and O Magazine name this Gym bag as one of their favorites. As my roomate, bestie and gym partner-in-crime Allie says, “this gym bag is a total game changer…just the pockets!!!”

Tons of pockets for sneakers, spinning shoes, clothes, computer and more.


Allies’ bag is the Monogram Navy Quilted Gym Bag with Shiny Tonal Thread & Copperplate Square Monogram Font. Al’s also rockin’ the XOXO Buggy Designs Hot Pink Fur Pompom Hat (also on sale!). If you ask me, either of these babies would make the perfect Valentine’s gift!

This monogrammed quilted bag can perform double and triple duty – makes a great diaper bag and also a stylish carryon travel bag! Love the removable pouchette for extra important documents. The nylon texture of the interior pockets make for easy cleanup should your water bottle or shampoo accidentally spill. All in all, I would be lost without this bag and have to admit I have one in navy and one in black!


Banana Date and Almond Smoothie with Flax and Chia seeds

New Year resolutions can be a double edged sword. Proclaim you are ready to diet, swear off alcohol and learn to budget/save better at your own peril!  For if you fail sometime in January with your resolution proclamation you risk having any semblance of street cred just shot!!! “Things” can get in the way of well intentioned resolutions. A cute boy, a cold night and a dirty martini (extra olives please!) in front of a fire- well there goes 300 calories…but I digress.

If you’re like me, you have pressed the restart button, vowing to get healthier in the New Year! Well, week 2 is upon us and so far so good. I sadly ditched ClassPass as my work schedule proved to be too unpredictable and have joined Equinox. Yup, I feel like a real a grownup! The NYC SoHo and Union Square Equinox locations have been great. There are tons of classes and grabbing a treadmill has been pretty easy. For those of you on the go, Union Square has great salads at pretty affordable prices. If you love the convenience of smoothies and juices and don’t live near a juice bar I have a recipe I think you will love- and super easy to make!


Though I have some standby juice recipes (link here) I’ve been experimenting with lots of new fruit and veg combinations.  This Banana Date Almond Smoothie recipe is my current fave. I drink a bit before a run and finish the rest post run. And here’s the good news, this baby packs a huge nutritional wallop with every sip. Almond butter gives you a bit of protein, bananas are great for muscle repair, flax and chia seeds are high in antioxidants and Omega 3’s. Oranges are loaded with vitamin C and apples help regulate blood sugar and along with dates provide additional dietary fiber.  So- what are you waiting for? Whirr up a batch of Banana Date and Almond Smoothies with Flax and Chia Seeds today! Make extra for the fridge and have fun experimenting!

What are your New Year Resolutions??

Banana Date and Almond Smoothie with Flax and Chia seeds
Serves: 4

  • 2 Cups almond milk
  • 6 medjool pitted dates
  • 2 bananas(preferably frozen)
  • 1 green apple(quartered, with skin and seeds removed if desired)
  • 1 orange(peeled)
  • 2 Tablespoons almond butter
  • 1Tablespoon Chia Seeds
  • 2 Tablespoons Flax seeds
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • ⅛ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
  • 12 ice cubes

  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into your favorite tall glass or Mason jar. Enjoy!
  2. If you are lucky enough to have a Vitamix and are using organic apples, feel free to quarter apple and keep skin and seeds intact.
  3. This recipe lasts for up to 5 days in the fridge. The flavors become a bit more intense and still delicious.

Tips: If bananas are frozen you can cut down on the amount of ice. Start off with about 6 ice cubes and add more as needed. Do you want more volume for same amount of calories? Add water or more ice cubes.






Still Time to order Fur Pompom Hats… and on Sale!

We are offering Free Shipping, guaranteed for Christmas Eve delivery on all Buggy Designs Fur Pompom Hats for orders placed by Monday 1PM EST. Did I mention there’s a sale too? 20% off all our Fur Pompom Hats, yaaa baby!

Each beautiful Cashmere Fur Pompom Hat will arrive wrapped in a gift box. Our Soft Wool Blend Fur Pompom Hats are wrapped in gold and pink tissue with a ribbon.

Last minute ordering + FREE Shipping + already wrapped + on SALE = a good thing!


Christmas cheer in the West Village with my blondie besties. Allie’s wearing our tan slouchy cashmere pompom hat, Kat’s rockin’ the hot pink XO pompom hat and me I’m wearing XOXO fur pompom in Ivory . Big smooches to all!

We have sourced Alashan cashmere from inner Mongolia (some of the finest cashmere in the world) and chose the most beautiful colors that look great on just about everyone! Super soft, cozy and warm cashmere –  it’s hard to choose just one.


cashmere fur pompom hat sale

Icy Blue Cashmere Cableknit Pompom Hat and Bean Boots


Our affordable Pompom hats feature a detachable fur Pompom which makes washing your hat so easy (on sale for $59!). Currently sold out of navy, red and grey.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Z-dawg, ever the fashionisa.

Shop all hats here.

Monogram Glassware on Sale!

Today’s the last day to order Monogram Glassware from Carved Solutions for all our East Coast Customers for guarantee Christmas delivery.  Our affordable yet lovely monogram glasses are at a great price point and let the recipient know you went through a little extra trouble choosing something special just for them! We are offering Carved Solutions glassware at 15% off! Use coupon code, CHINCHIN15.


We absolutely love these glasses and think they are a perfect gift for your hard to buy for boy toy! What could be better than 4 personalized martini glasses and a bottle of his favorite spirit?? Be creative with a monogram!


Speaking of boys, we think just about every guy on your list would appreciate a little glassy somethin’! Classic highball glasses are a perfect gift for the guy who likes his bourbon neat! Check out some of our monogram offerings. We have traditional as well as modern fonts. Think outside of the box! Lots of our customers love monogramming with street addresses, names of homes, zip codes or something sweet and personal.


Monogrammed Champagne glasses could possibly be my favorite. Iv’e been known to get week at the knees when presented with a bottle of pink champagne! A set of champagne flutes that someone took the time to personalize would  send me over!!! Our glasses make drinking champagne even more festive-if that’s at all possible!!

Happy shopping! Any questions please feel free to give me a shout.

Chin! Chin!


ps. If you are in the Boston area we can accept orders for Carved Solutions glassware, soaps and cutting boards through Monday!

Last Days to Order our Best Selling Bags

We are offering our best selling Monogram Weekender Travel Bags, Monogram Makeup Bags and Monogram Wine Totes at 15% off until Monday at Midnight. Hurry, hurry as Monday (tomorrow) also marks the cutoff date to guarantee Christmas delivery for these same products.


The Navy Monogram Weekender takes the lead for Buggy Designs best selling travel bag. How about pairing our Monogram Travel Bag with a few weekend getaway gifts tucked inside. Think Cashmere Fur Pompom Hat plus L.L. bean boots and a pair of skis for underneath the Christmas tree.


Looking for a perfect under $25 gift for your friend or co-worker? Our Monogram Makeup Bag ($19.95 on sale) or Monogram Wine Tote ($22.95) totally fits the bill. Up the ante by stocking the monogram makeup bag with your favorite beauty product or add a bottle of vino or pink bubbly to our popular Sip Sip wine tote!


We have had quite a bit of fun at our holiday shows coming up with cheeky little sayings for these monogram wine totes… Sip Sip, Don’t Trip, Sin Sin… you get the picture! No shame in going with a classic monogram either. We welcome any ideas! If our little elves approve we will print some up!

Don’t forget… all Canvas Bag Orders must be placed by Monday Midnight to guarantee Christmas Delivery.

Punkatasset Farm Barn Holiday Show


Day 2 of Punkatasset Farm Barn Holiday Show is about to begin. Please stop by if you are in the Concord, MA area and say hello. You can shop ’til you drop in the comfort of a New England barn versus a busy shopping mall and support small business – a win, win.

In addition to Buggy Designs, there are lots of other vendors displaying great holiday gifts. Some of the vendors whose loot I loved yesterday were: J. McLaughlin (classic New England prep), Soxfords (super fun socks for guys), Loweco (great for Paddle Tennis enthusiasts) and Lisa Mackey Designs (bespoke women’s leather goods & jewelry). In addition, fresh holiday wreathes, decorations and topiaries are available.

A portion of todays sales will go to benefit NEADS Dogs for deaf and disabled Americans and Canines for Combat Veterans.

A big thank you to Ms Organizer Extraordinaire Betsy Lowe and the Connolly family who graciously open up their barn year after year!

Where: Punkatasset Farm, 775 Monument Street, Concord, MA

When: Today, December 7th, 10AM-4PM

Buggy Designs Black Friday Sale


Don’t miss out on Buggy Designs Black Friday blowout sale! Sale starts today and ends Monday at Midnight EST. Ring in the holiday season with a gift for yourself or loved ones. Stumped on what to choose? Can’t go wrong with a few of our bestsellers…


Monogram Weekend Travel Bags -the perfect travel accessory for guys and gals alike.


Get your Pompom on with our Cashmere Fur Pompom Hats and Affordable Pompom Hats! A bonus – our furry friends will arrive gift wrapped #getyourpompomon!

striped monogram cell phone case by buggy designs

Hello? It’s me. JK i’m not Adele, but we do have some pretty awesome Monogram Cell Phone Cases that I think even our girl Adele would pick up the phone for.

Hope you all had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

White Eyelet Dress + Peonies


If you’re a New Englander, Pink Peonies + White  Sundresses are enduring classics that celebrate the start of summer.  Each and every year I search for the perfect white sundress that I know will perform double and triple duty in my closet.  The requirements for a white sundress are simple yet can be so very hard… 

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Golden Birthday Sale – 24% off!

24 Portobello Road London

Woohoo! Today marks an important milestone for me – I am happily celebrating my Golden Birthday which means I am turning 24 on the 24th! And guess what? I would like for you to join in the merriment. From now until Friday at midnight, Buggy Designs will be holding our biggest sale yet with a site wide offering of 24% off. Yes you heard right, 24% off! Use code 24on24.



Now is the perfect time to stock up on a Monogram Weekender (or the Monogram Weekender Travel Set for that matter). For those of us on the East Coast it is hard to believe that Spring really is upon us. What better way to celebrate than with a spankin’ new pair of Palm Beach Sandals made specifically for you (please allow 3 weeks delivery & please note this sale does not include custom size tops and special heel options for Palm Beach Sandals). With the money you save on your Palm Beach Sandals, treat yourself to a mani/pedi!

Do you still not have that iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus cell phone case? We have some great new Monogram Cell Phone case styles for the spring that we think you’re going to love!

Happy Shopping!



Blizzard Sale: Fur Pompom Hats!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while! I hope all of our Northeast friends are staying warm, safe and dry during Hurricane Juno! Soo put the shovels aside for a few minutes, you’ve got some shopping to do! With many weeks of winter still ahead, we decided to offer up our most popular Fur Pompom Hats by Buggy Designs on sale at 15% off!

Buy 1 Fur Pompom Hat and receive 15% off. Use code: BLIZZARD15

Buy 2 or more Fur Pompom Hats and receive 20% off. Use code: JUNO

cashmere fur pompom hat saleIcy Light Blue Cashmere Fur Pompom hat & my trusty Bean Boots

pink fur pompom hatXOXO Pink Fur Pompom Hat… one of my favorites, for obvious reasons!

Our Buggy Designs fur pompom hats are available at 3 price points and 4 styles. Here’s the lowdown: Our most affordable fur pompom hat is machine washable and features a detachable huge raccoon fur pompom. In addition we offer a super soft wool and Alashan cashmere blend fur pompom hat with a gorgeous XOXO knit… perfect for Valentine’s Day! This baby is snug at first and will mold to your head beautifully. Our 100% Cashmere Fur Pompom Hats come in 2 styles and are made with Alashan cashmere, considered to be some of the finest cashmere in the world. For fans of the slouchy and oh-so-trendy look, this ribbed pompom hat is perfect. Crushing on cable knit? Buggy Designs Cable knit with oversized Fur Pompom is a classic and promises to never go out of style! Added bonus, these babies are super warm and available in wonderful colors!

Already have one of our fur pompom hats? Please tag @buggydesigns or #buggydesigns on instagram or facebook! Nothing makes me happier than seeing how you rock your hat!

P.S. Stay tuned for some exciting updates this week!

Fur Pompom Hats for Christmas Delivery!

All four styles of our Fur Pompom Hats are online and available to order at Buggy Designs! Here’s some additional great news – we are offering Free Shipping, guaranteed for Christmas Eve delivery. Each beautiful Cashmere Fur Pompom Hat will arrive in a gift box. Our Soft Wool Acrylic Fur Pompom Hats are wrapped in gold and pink tissue with a ribbon.

Last minute ordering + FREE Shipping + already wrapped = a good thing! Who knew?


Pictured on Elizabeth is our Light Pink Ribbed Slouchy Fur Pompom Hat which can also be worn folded up for a snug fit. We have a limited few left in this color so if you are looking for soft, soft pink, order now!

For those of you who have been frequent visitors at Buggy Designs you may see some new exciting happenings on our site. A year in the making, gazillions of emails, phone calls, cashmere swatch choices ruminating in my head, I am pleased to finally offer our first line of Buggy Designs Cashmere Hats! With so many cashmere hats flooding the market these days, it was important that our hats stood out amongst others. We have sourced Alashan cashmere from inner Mongolia (some of the finest cashmere in the world) and chose the most beautiful colors that look great on just about everyone! Super soft, cozy and warm cashmere –  it’s hard to choose just one!

Let me know which is your favorite?!

Ladies Stocking Stuffers!

Best Stocking Stuffers

1. Urban Decay ‘Naked Basics’ Palette  2. Essie Polish (Mademoiselle is my go to)  3. Tarte Cheek Stain (my favorite is Blushing Bride color) 4.  Huge Toblerone Bar  5. Monogram Cell Phone Case (order by tonight for regular shipping) 6. Affordable Pearl Earrings  7. Clarisonic  8. Monogram Passport Case (order by tonight for regular shipping)  9. Affordable Fur Pompom Hat  10. Kindle Fire  11. Watercolor Travel Set… 

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Top 25 Men’s Gifts for 2014 Holidays

Top 25 gifts Men's holiday gift guide

  1. Leather Overnight Bag  2. Monogram Cell Phone Case  3. Beats Headphones  4. Daniel Wellington Watch 5. Hanging Toiletry Kit  6. Large Beer Mug (order by 5pm tonight!)  7. Flanel Shirt  8. Bean Boots 9. Colorful Socks  10. Sperry Topsiders  11. Golf Ball Bag  12. Barbour 13. Half Zip Sweater  14. Monogram Valet  15. Cashmere… 

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Palm Beach Sandals – Christmas Cutoff Date is Midnight Tonight!


Gold Palm Beach Sandals + Straw Basket with Seahorse (there is still time to order non-monogram QBS products + Straw Baskets! Order by December 18th to guarantee Christmas delivery) Happy Monday dear Readers! As the excitement of the holiday season kicks in, at Buggy Designs we have been busy manning the phones, answering your emails and… 

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Last Day to Order a Best Seller…Monogram Travel Bags!

Listen up Santa’s little helpers! The sleigh for Monogram Weekend Travel Bags is being packed up this evening for Christmas deliveries. As Monogram Weekend Travel Bags at Buggy Designs are one of our bestsellers we just wanted y’all to know that the cutoff date to guarantee Christmas delivery is Midnight tonight!


Monogram Travel Bag at Buggy designs by cb station tuckernuck


Red + Navy Monogram Weekender Travel Bag // Monogram Signet Ring

Quilted Jacket // Riding Boots

Striped Monogram Cell Phone Case // Red Fur Pompom Hat 

monogram weekender, signet ring and personalized cell phone coverbuggy-designs-affordable-fur-pompom-hat

 Get in the Christmas spirit with Buggy Designs Wool Blend Oversized Fur Pompom Hat. Our affordable fur Pompom Hats are oh so jolly! FYI we are already low in stock on the Red Fur Pompom hats and unfortunately cannot replenish before Christmas.

striped monogram cell phone case by buggy designs

 Our monogrammed cell phone cases by Buggy Designs are a great under $50 gift. The order cutoff date for Monogram Cell Phone Cases is December 15 with regular shipping.


Don’t forget to order our best selling Travel Bags by midnight tonight!

Hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend!